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April 16: Jason Franken, an ag economist at Western Illinois University in Macomb, believes the pork business will do well in 2021, based in part on the latest Hogs and Pigs report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. April 14-15: Nori is a carbon marketplace (facilitates buying and selling of carbon credits) headquartered in Seattle. The company’s Director of Carbon Economics, Aldyen Donnelly, was part of a panel hosted by the Farm Foundation recently in a virtual event called Emerging Carbon Markets in Agriculture: Issues and Opportunities. April 13: The massive influence the Food and Agriculture sectors have on the U.S. economy is outlined in a new report called Feeding the Economy. April 12: After skipping a year due to the pandemic, the World Pork Expo returns June 9-11 with an in-person event in Des Moines, Iowa. Registration is now open. COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed. April 9: Frank Mitloehner, a professor and air quality Extension specialist at the University of California at Davis, says capturing agricultural methane and converting it to natural gas is a great example of how to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move toward carbon neutrality. Mitloehner spoke during a recent event put on by Agri-Pulse. April 8: A soy-based asphalt preservative made by BioSpan Technologies proved effective in extending the life of paved roadways in a test on residential streets in the city of Hutchinson, Minnesota. April 6-7: Leslie Sarasin, president and CEO of FMI, the Food Industry Association, participated in a recent virtual event put on by Agri-Pulse in which she talked about the pandemic’s impact on food and agriculture April 5: Plastomics, Inc., located in St. Louis, is collaborating with an Israili company on a method to develop seed traits with new modes of action against crop pests and diseases. April 2: A farmer who lost his leg in a machinery mishap many years ago told of the experience in a session at the UMASH Online Expo. April 1: Solectrac makes electric-powered tractors and just introduced a version for row-crops. The company offers a compact model and a utility model and plans to introduce another soon for orchard and specialty-crop use. March 31: The State of Nebraska, the Nebraska Ethanol Board, and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln collaborated in a year-long study of the use of E-30 blended gasoline in non-flex fuel vehicles. The study found that, even though these vehicles were certified to operate on blends no higher than E-15, there was no observable difference in performance.