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August 6: Michigan State University Extension conducted a webinar about the impact of the drought on forage quantity and quality. You can view a recording here. August 3-5: The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee recently held a hearing under the heading Immigrant Farmworkers are Essential to Feeding America. You can view a recording of the hearing here and also download documents for the testimony offered at the hearing. August 2: A dozen organizations representing farmers and companies associated with animal agriculture recently formed The Protein Pact, a sustainability initiative. July 30: Perfect Day is a California-based company that uses fermentation processes to manufacture some of the protein ingredients usually found in dairy products. July 29: While ticks and the diseases they carry have been a problem in rural communities for a long time, the little buggers are showing up more frequently in urban locales, as well. July 26-28: A farmer survey conducted by Shoshanah Inwood of The Ohio State University and her colleagues revealed that affordable health insurance and access to affordable childcare were two top concerns for younger farm families. You can listen to my entire interview with Inwood. She is now working on a research project with the National Farm Medicine Center looking into the relationship between childcare and child safety on farms. July 23: In another outtake from the UMASH (Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health) Center Online Expo, mental health therapist Cynthie Christensen from Minnesota urges everyone to reach out to those around them who exhibit signs of stress. You can view a video clip of her presentation by visiting the Expo web page, clicking on the tab for Thursday, and scrolling about two-thirds down the page. July 22: Congressman David Valadao (R-CA) is a dairy farmer who, in a recent episode of the Dairy Defined podcast from the National Milk Producers Federation, put out a call to young farmers everywhere to be involved in the political process. July 21: Phoenix, Arizona-based MyLand and Canada’s AGI have formed a collaboration. MyLand has a biologic soil health product and AGI has manufacturing, distribution, engineering, and software service support infrastructure globally. July 20: Mac Marshall, vice president of Market Intelligence for the U.S. Soybean Export Council, offers an assessment of the soybean oil and meal markets in a short video clip online. July 19: The American Society of Agronomy’s 2021 Sustainable Agronomy Conference is a series of six two-hour virtual (web) sessions that starts tomorrow (July 20). Registration is free and you can find out more here.