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July 26: Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, recently opened a lab to research the use of cold plasma technology (ionized gasses) in

the food and agriculture sector.

July 25: The Crappie Masters Tournament Series helps promote E-10 gasoline for use by boaters, but warns that E-15 is not approved for

outboards or other small engines at this time.

July 24: On June 25, the House Agriculture Committee’s Subcommittee on Conservation and Forestry heard testimony on the subject of

managing soil health. Texts of the testimony are available online.

July 23: Minnesota’s new Groundwater Protection Rule goes into effect next year and will affect nitrogen fertilizer applications in parts of the

state with vulnerable groundwater areas.

July 22: Bob Suver is a Springfield, Ohio, farmer and on the Ohio Soybean Council. The OSC has made trips to Southeast Asia to cultivate export

markets for Ohio soybeans.

July 17-19: Dave Bishop has a son and daughter-in-law he’s farming with who will take over his main farm near Atlanta, Illinois, as he

transitions to retirement. Bishop has been working with two beginning farmers, Kira Santiago and Evan Barry, on his family’s home farm near

Peoria, which he interited in 2010.

July 15-16: Dave and Deb Welsch of Milford, Nebraska, have been transitioning their organic farm to three different beginning farmers who are

not relatives.

July 12: You can hear more from Molly Rockamann in the Our Farms, Our Future podcast (from 10/19/2018) produced by the USDA SARE


July 10-11: Watch Luke Chandler’s keynote presentation from the June 4 symposium, Global Economic Growth and Agricultural Trade:

Prospects, Policies, and Perspectives. Chandler is the chief economist for Deere and Company.

July 9: The Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center offers recordings of its webinars. Here’s the one from June 14 on anxiety,

depression, and coping skills.

July 8: You can watch archived video of the House Agriculture Subcommittee on General Farm Commodities and Risk Management June 25

hearing on “How Farm Policy Helps Farmers in Adverse Conditions.”

July 2-5: Fork to Farmer is an initiative of North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension to support local farmers and farming

communities by encouraging chefs and restaurant patrons to visit local farms and interact with farmers.

July 1: The Missouri Hemp Association is holding a one-day conference in Columbia, Missouri, on July 30th to provide farmers and other

interested parties with information about growing hemp. Early registration is advised, as space is limited.

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