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September 29-October 1: Farm Beginnings is a program that assists folks who want to start farming. It’s available in various parts of the country--mainly through farm organizations and extension programs. The stories I did were about the program managed by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont, and the material was borrowed from a video recording of a University of Vermont Extension television program called Across the Fence. September 28: South central Idaho’s Wood River Valley is the setting for the 25th anniversary of the Trailing of the Sheep Festival. It’s ranked by a number of media sources as a top fall festival. The event was not held last year due to COVID and festival organizers are asking visitors to observe certain protocols this year. September 27: The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture sent a recent letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ask the USDA to ensure that smaller meat processors are given the resources they need to weather instability resulting from the pandemic. September 24: You can view a short video online about the Dairy Safety Nudging Project conducted by the New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health. September 23: The study of agriculture related motor vehicle crashes in rural New York state is available here. September 21-22: A session on the importance of sleep to health and safety and another on coping with stress were part of an online expo put on by UMASH--the Upper Midwest Center for Agricultural Safety and Health. You can view recordings of these sessions here. The stress session is the first listing under the tab for Wed., Aug 12, and the sleep session (Sleepless in America) is about half-way down the page. September 20: This is the start of National Farm Safety and Health Week. The National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety is funding a study of what’s being termed the Farm Kid Paradox--growing up on a farm can be very beneficial to a child, but also potentially dangerous. The study is seeking input from families who operate beef or dairy operations in the United States. September 17: A recent Farm Foundation forum featured a panel discussion on the subject of Advancing Digital Agriculture at the Farm Level. The panel included individuals associated with efforts to expand broadband internet connectivity to rural Americans. September 15-16: A recent episode of the Sorghum Smart Talk podcast (Policy Edition) features a discussion on transparency in ag data. You can access the podcast to hear Beulah, Texas, farmer Billy Tiller and Todd Janzen of Janzen Schroeder Agricultural Law talking about Ag Data Transparent. September 14: The farmland sale/leaseback platform, FarmlandFinder, has been acquired by EasyKnock, a New York City-based company that operates similarly with respect to residential real estate.