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October 2: A collaborative research project involving Iowa State University and the University of Minnesota is showing the benefits of diversifying crop rotations beyond the traditional corn-soybean model. October 1: Kiss the Ground is a new environmental documentary film about regenerative agriculture. It debuted on Netflix in September and the filmmakers are making an edited version available free to classrooms and also for small-group public showings. September 28-30: September is National Chicken Month and Farm to Fork spoke with Jenny Rhodes, a chicken farmer and extension educator from Maryland. September 25: See listing for September 21-23. September 24: Dr. Charles Jennissen, a pediatric emergency physician and clinical professor at the University of Iowa, says side-by-sides are a bit safer than ATVs but they still require operators and passengers to use proper safety procedures. Side-by-sides should have rollover protect and occupants must always use their seat belts. September 21-23: This is National Farm Safety and Health Week. Shows for Monday-Wednesday (and Friday) were derived from a three-day virtual expo put on by the Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center. You can view recordings of the event here. September 18: Laughing Man Coffee company was founded by actor Hugh Jackman after he spent time with coffee farmers in Ethiopia. September 16-17: Hear more from engine expert Ray Bohacz about flex fuels in his Idle Chatter Podcast. September 14-15: The Land O’ Lakes farmer cooperative has taken on a significant role in advocating for development of rural broadband access. You can hear what CEO Beth Ford told the Executives Club of Chicago last October about the subject, and listen to the Something Greater podcast from Land O’ Lakes that featured Pat Luneman and Chakra Sankaraiah (by clicking on the red “Start Listening” button. September 7-11: Shows this week were created with audio clips from the recent Sustainable Agronomy Conference, a virtual event put on by the American Society of Agronomy. September 4: Fish and other seafoods are likely to play a big role in meeting future global protein needs, according to Mike Spindler of the Fulton Fish Market. Spindler appeared recently on the Foodtank Podcast. September 1-3: You can vote here for your favorite of the three finalists in Syngenta’s Rooted in Agriculture contest.