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April 3: Marianne Smith Edge, a farmer and nutrition expert from Owensboro, Kentucky, would like to see more people “eat without fear.” She suggests that the discussion about food has gotten out of hand, leading consumers to feel fear and guilt when food shopping. April 2: Earthworms are soil health heroes for farmers but, in some forested areas, they can be more of a problem than a benefit. April 1: The Agricultural Safety Education Initiative is a machinery/equipment safety training program for high school ag teachers. It has demonstrated that students of the teachers who have taken the training are more knowledgeable about tractor and machinery safety. March 31: The availability of telehealth--the delivery of healthcare services via telephone or the Internet--has become a much talked about topic. Connected Nation, a nonprofit group concerned with establishing broadband Internet service to unserved and underserved parts of the United States, did a recent study on consumer attitudes about telehealth. The group talked with residents in five rural Michigan counties to see whether folks would use telehealth services if available. I featured Eric Frederick in this episode. He’s with the Michigan chapter of Connected Nation and you can listen to my entire interview with him here (it’s 13:32 long). March 30: Laura Lengnick is a soil scientist and founder of Cultivating Resilience, a consulting firm in Asheville, North Carolina. March 27: University of Nebraska ag engineer Paul Jasa presented at the 2020 Midwest Cover Crops Conference in Kansas City in February. March 26: The United States Hide, Leather, and Skin Association and Leather Industries of America recently merged to form the Leather and Hide Council of America and one of the first actions of this new organization was to position real leather as a sustainable choice over synthetics. March 25: Researchers at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas, will be testing the use of cannabidiol to relieve stress in horses (p. 7 of the linked document). Tarleton is a member of the Texas A&M University System. March 24: Today is National Ag Day, promoted by the Agriculture Council of America to “increase public awareness of agriculture’s role in modern society.” March 23: The National Biodiesel Board, the American Lung Association,the Illinois Soybean Association, and the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council are partnering with ADM and Optimus Technologies to test 100% biodiesel in semi trucks over the next year. March 19-20: Annie’s Project, a nonprofit offering farm business education to women in 33 states, recently named Karisha Devlin from Missouri and Doris Mold from Minnesota as co- CEOs.