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list below for details about recent programs.

October 21-25: Incentivizing Conservation Agriculture was the topic of a recent forum put on by the Farm Foundation. The forum examined “the

potential value and benefits of an ecosystem marketplace, which could enable and encourage farmers and ranchers to adopt and sustain

conservation management practices to improve soil health, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve water quality and use. You can

listen to the entire forum here.

October 18: Julie Garden-Robinson is a professor and extension specialist in the areas of nutrition and food safety at North Dakota State

University. I talked with her about the history of Victory Gardens.

October 17: In Midwest Dairy’s Dairy on the Air podcast, youth marketing expert Jeff Fromm says millennials and Generation Z consumers are

very brand-loyal and represent an important base of purchasers of food and beverages.

October 15-16: Darren Hudson, director of the Center for Agricultural Competitiveness at Texas Tech University, says when foreign

governments subsidize their farmers, it hurts U.S. farmers’ ability to compete. He also says that, since the U.S. did away with subsidy policies,

American farmers are operating more efficiently.

October 14: The dairy industry--and the National Milk Producers Federation in particular--is concerned about the Food and Drug Administration

seeking public comments on proposed changes to the way standards of identity are applied to various foods.

October 9-11: Brooklyn Tweed is a specialty yarn company based in Portland, Oregon. The company sources wool only from U.S. sheep ranchers

and has the wool processed into yarn in U.S. facilities.

October 8: Maud Powell talked about the value of networks for ag women in the 3/1/2019 episode of the USDA SARE program’s Our Farms, Our

Future podcast.

October 7: You can read more about the work the U.S. Grains Council is doing with Tanzanian poultry farmers to grow export markets for

American grain producers.

October 1-4: Testimony at a recent hearing by the House Committee on Small Business Subcommittee on Rural Development, Trade, and

Entrepreneurship on “Growing the Clean Energy Economy” focused on the impact of policy decisions--many of them not good for the renewable

fuels industry.

September 30: The variety of cover crop you plant can matter a great deal in a field infested with soybean cyst nematode. You want to pick one

or more nonhost or poor host species. The SCN Coalition has a list.

September 26-27: Clean meat (grown from lab cultures) is described by proponents as a way to produce animal protein with less impact on the

environment. Bruce Friedrich of the Good Food Institute says it’s still quite expensive compared with animal agriculture but costs are coming


September 25: Ceres Imaging is based in California and has expanded its crop imaging services into much of the Midwest.

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