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list below for details about recent programs.

September 19-20: Becca Jablonski of Colorado State University and Charlie Jackson of the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project in North

Carolina talk about marketing to locavores in an episode from 2/15/2019 of the USDA SARE program’s podcast, Our Farms, Our Future.

September 18: Farmers and other landowners can pick up some extra income by offering hunting leases on their property. BookYourHunt.com

offers to connect landowners with hunters looking for land to lease.

September 17: Raven Industries has released the VSN visual guidance system for sprayers.

September 16: Seed labeling laws like the ones in North Dakota are fairly uniform across all states. Jason Goltz, North Dakota State Seed

Department regulatory programs manager cautions farmers not to buy unlabeled seed for cover crops or anything else.

September 13: Zach Johnson refers to himself as the Minnesota Millennial Farmer, using multiple social media channels to spread the message

of family farming to the masses.

September 12: Hannah Esch is a college senior from Unadilla, Nebraska, who started a retail packaged beef business about a year ago. She

looks at it as an example of how young people can create opportunities for themselves to remain living and working in rural America.

September 11: Jane Jenkins Herlong is a motivational speaker from South Carolina whose rural roots help her encourage ag groups and many

other audiences.

September 10: Jen Filipiak, midwest director for the American Farmland Trust, and Maude Powell, an Oregon State University extension agent

and vegetable farmer, discuss the role of women in agriculture in the 3/1/2019 episode of the USDA SARE program’s Our Farms, Our Future


September 9: The University of Nebraska at Lincoln offers a series of archived farm financial management webinars, including one on how

bankers analyze farm loan requests.

September 6: The Center for Small Towns at the University of Minnesota’s Morris campus assists nonprofits and schools in small towns around

the state by connecting them with students who can work on projects for them part-time.

September 5: Researchers at Kansas State University find mixed views on the economics of cattle traceability.

September 4: The Soil Health Partnership has operated for five years now as a collaboration of agricultural and environmental groups with a

common goal: to improve soil health on working farms across the country.

September 2-3: In the Summer 2019 edition of The Feed from Farmer Mac, Chief Economist Jackson Takach notes some highlights from the

2017 Census of Agriculture, including the number of farmers who spend 200+ days a year working off-farm.

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