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September 4: The Soil Health Partnership has operated for five years now as a collaboration of agricultural and environmental groups with a

common goal: to improve soil health on working farms across the country.

September 2-3: In the Summer 2019 edition of The Feed from Farmer Mac, Chief Economist Jackson Takach notes some highlights from the

2017 Census of Agriculture, including the number of farmers who spend 200+ days a year working off-farm.

August 30: Kathleen Merrigan is executive director of the Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems at Arizona State University, and a former

undersecretary at the USDA.

August 28-29: Dr. Robert Graham is a Harvard-trained physician and also a chef. He’s recognized as an authority on the impact diet has on


August 26-27: The state of Delaware has about a quarter of its agricultural lands enrolled in a preservation program that prevents the land from

being developed for any other use but farming--forever. The state’s Secretary of Agriculture, Michael Scuse, is proud of that and of the fact that

Delaware is home to a number of major agribusiness companies.

August 21-23: The New Biotechnology Regulatory Regime was the subject of a Farm Foundation forum in late July. You can listen to an audio

recording of the event here.

August 20: CannaFarm Con was a gathering held in San Diego earlier this month to present information on growing hemp/cannabis plants.

August 19: Farmbeats is a Microsoft project that would borrow unused television frequencies to provide broadband internet service to rural

communities. Microsoft’s Ranveer Chandra discussed the project at the recent AgInfo conference.

August 15-16: Wayne Martin is with University of Minnesota Extension and also serves as the state coordinator of the USDA’s SARE program. He

participated in the SARE podcast, Our Farms, Our Future, episode 019, from earlier this year.

August 14: The Harrington Seed Destructor was invented by an Australian farmer to pulverize weed seeds as they come out of the combine. It’s

not yet available in the United States.

August 12-13: You can hear more of the conversation with Dr. Jim Painter on the Dairy On the Air podcast from Midwest Dairy.

August 9: A podcast from the USDA’s Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program includes a discussion about everyday folks like

us having the ability to influence farm policy. It’s episode 20 of the Our Farms, Our Future podcast featuring Margaret Krome and Paul Wolfe.

August 8: A University of Kentucky extension agent, David Coffey, created a whole-farm management approach that beef growers are putting to

good use.

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