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Cue sheets for the weeks of: Mar 18-22 Mar 25-29 Apr 1-5 Apr 8-12 Apr 15-19 Apr 22-26

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Affiliate Downloads

Shows for the week of: Mar 18-22 Entire week (ZIP folder)

Monday, March 18: Ag Day 2024 Tuesday, March 19: 10 Million More Cover Crop Acres Wednesday, March 20: Paying Farmers to Address Carbon Intensity Thursday, March 21: Stand Up for Grain Safety Week Friday, March 22: The Fertilizer Efficiency Sweet Spot

Shows for the week of: Apr 1-5 Entire week (ZIP folder)

Monday, April 1: Bill Would Facilitate Farm Transitions Tuesday, April 2: Cattle on Feed Numbers Jump Wednesday, April 3: Dairy Girl Network - Part 1 Thursday, April 4: Dairy Girl Network - Part 2 Friday, April 5: Ag Butler

Shows for the week of: Apr 8-12 Entire week (ZIP folder)

Monday, April 8: Taranis - Steward Link Strategic Partnership Tuesday, April 9: Meat Exports Boost Crop Values Wednesday, April 10: Year of the Woman Farmer - Part 1 Thursday, April 11: Year of the Woman Farmer - Part 2 Friday, April 12: Year of the Woman Farmer - Part 3

Shows for the week of: Apr 15-19 Entire week (ZIP folder)

Monday, April 15: Status of Bird Flu in Dairy Cattle Tuesday, April 16: Pork Industry Prop 12 Concerns Wednesday, April 17: Rural Mental Health Initiatives Thursday, April 18: We’re Being Invaded - Part 1 Friday, April 19: We’re Being Invaded - Part 2

Shows for the week of: Apr 22-26 Entire week (ZIP folder)

Monday, April 22: Ag Shipping Concerns Abound Tuesday, April 23: Bird Flu and Dairy Biosecurity Wednesday, April 24: Regional Conservation Partnerships - 10 Years Later Thursday, April 25: Cicada Anomaly Friday, April 26: Marketing Cutting-Edge Ag Tech