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Here are some comments from affiliates about my work...

"Great program - very interesting and timely."
Maynard Meyer, General Manager, KLQP-FM, Madison, MN

"It's a great little feature to enhance your farm programming. We carry it twice a day on both our AM and FM stations and get great feedback on it."
Dan Keating, General Manager, KMAV-FM/KMSR-AM, Mayville, ND

"I continue to enjoy the content and local aspects of the show."
Bill Eckersen, Program Director, KMRS-AM, Morris, MN

"Great. Darrell, you do a fine job. Content is always timely and appropriate. It is presented concisely and interestingly. The program is vital to our ag new block since AP and other news sources don't do ag news anymore."
Larry Masco, Program Director, KMTI-AM, Manti, UT

"Nice variety of topics and features. Good mix geographically. Very professional and well-produced."
Bruce Dierking, General Manager, KNDY-AM/FM, Marysville, KS

"Excellent program. Good variety. Pertinent to our audience."
Dan Baddorf, Program Director, KTCH-AM/FM, Wayne, NE

"Very informative. The program is a good mix with the rest of our farm programming."
Lila Brossart, Owner, KZZJ-AM, Rugby, ND

"Strong production - timely subject material with excellent variety."
Ronald Fruit, General Manager, WRCO-AM/FM, Richland Center, WI

"The shows are professionally produced and contain a wonderful variety of topics, providing something for everyone, from the nonfarmer to the hobbyist farmer to the mega farm."
Jayneece Bostwick, Program Director, WVIL-FM, Virginia, IL and WKXQ-FM, Rushville, IL

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