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Take advantage of the opportunities offered to advertisers on the Successful Farming Radio Magazine.

Here's a list of some of the companies that have advertised in the show:

 Shell Oil
 New Holland
 Ag Services of America
 American Angus Association
 Bayer CropScience
 Arctic Cat
 John Deere
 Kansas Wheat Commission
 Farm Credit Services of America
 National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative
Golden Harvest Seeds
Garst Seed Company
Kinze Manufacturing
CITGO/Mystik Lubricants
Environmental Tillage Systems
Sukup Manufacturing Valley Irrigation
AgConnect Expo Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health
BASF Kubota
Morton Buildings CME Group
Farm Credit System United Soybean Board
Caterpillar Dairyland Seed
FarmLogs Calmer Corn Heads
Loveland Products CHS/CENEX

And here's why they did:

In 2013, affiliate stations estimated their total audience at the time they air the show at more than 1.3 million listeners. That's for one broadcast per day on just a portion of our full network, and most of those stations run the show twice a day.

Nearly all of the stations which carry the show make a special effort to cater to a farm/ranch audience. They carry the SFRM at times which they deem best for maximum farm listenership. Here's what some of them have to say about the program.

Though the program is targeted primarily at farmers and ranchers, the content is also designed to inform the nonfarm audience about agriculture. As a result, they pay attention. It's an opportunity for companies with products and services that appeal to both farmers and nonfarmers (pickups, ATVs, insurance, mobile phone service, etc.).

Stations frequently report better than average listener feedback on the program. (View some testimonials.)

The Successful Farming name has been a part of American agriculture for more than a hundred years. Advertisers who use the magazine--or the SF web site, enhance their coverage economically by using the SFRM.

The SFRM offers flexibility for your media buy. If your goal is to reach the largest target possible, regardless of location or demographics, the full network is your best value. However, you may tailor your plan to include just the geographic regions you need. You can also customize your message to specific markets or regions.

When packaged with engaging program content, listeners will pay closer attention to your advertising message--moreso than with a standalone ad. The ads in the SFRM run within the program, after the listener's attention is already locked in. Here are the latest shows.

But perhaps the main reason advertisers work with us is because of the connection we have with our listeners. That relationship was built on 20 years of consistently high quality, relevant programming delivered personally each day.


Additional benefits:

Sustaining sponsors are eligible for "billboards" in the opening of the program.

Ads are carried not only on affiliate radio stations, but also in the online versions of the shows on the SF web site.

Sponsors get exposure on the SFRM web site's home page.

Opportunities for promotional tie-ins.

Affordable rates.


Take a look at the Meredith AgriMedia media kit for the SFRM which includes an affiliate list, coverage map and ag census information relative to our networks.


For a quote or to discuss advertising availabilities on the Successful Farming Radio Magazine, e-mail us.

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