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Company Information

North Shore Productions is owned and operated by Darrell and Maureen Anderson and is based in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. We produce a syndicated radio feature, the Successful Farming Radio Magazine®--and a weekly two-hour talk show, Doing What Works.

Darrell hosts the Successful Farming Radio Magazine, which debuted January 1, 1996, on 44 radio stations. More than 360 stations now carry the show. Maureen hosts Doing What Works, which originates from AM 1100 The Flag in Fargo and is syndicated on nearly 100 other stations across the country. Excerpts from the talk show air as daily features on many of these and other stations nationally and on iHeartRadio, iTunes, and Spreaker.

Maureen Anderson's latest book is Do-Over: An Accidental Template for Scaling the Abyss. She is the co-author of Staying the Course: A Runner's Toughest Race and Left for Dead: A Second Life after Vietnam, winner of a 2006 Minnesota Book Award. She's also the author of The Career Clinic: Eight Simple Rules for Finding Work You Love. Maureen blogs at and for the Huffington Post. You can follow her on Twitter @DoingWhatWorks.

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