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 Frequently Asked Questions

What's the show about?

F2F hits on everything related to farming and ranching and life in rural communities. It offers information on ag production, marketing, research, education, safety, policy, ethics, technology, you name it. We also talk about things that are important to farm families, like healthcare, estate and transition planning, and the dynamics of operating a family business. And it covers food in a way that's helpful to farmers and consumers. The show does not try to be a breaking news program.

What's the format?

Each episode is 2:30 long, including a national :60 embedded commercial break. The show has a teaser intro and optional sponsor billboard, the national break, local sponsor avail, then the body of the program.

When does it air?

Original episodes air daily, Monday-Friday. Stations are asked to clear the program twice daily, if possible, once between 5am and 10am and again between 11am and 1pm, local time. We're flexible on this. Weekend use is okay.

How are the programs delivered?

Program files and promos are posted every two weeks for downloading. This website ( offers individual show audio and zip folders including a week's worth of programs. The shows are also available from a DropBox location, and from an FTP site that facilitates automated downloading. An email notification is sent out when new shows are available. Stations may also have the audio emailed to them. Cue sheets are available as MSWord documents. These contain traffic information, contact info for show guests, etc.

Under most circumstances, all affiliates will air the same programs from the main downloads page. On the occasions when there are special instructions or changes, those will be noted in the box to the left of each week's show downloads and highlighted in yellow. Those instructions/changes will also be included in your regular email notifications.

Do I have to fill out affidavits?

A pre-completed affidavit will be emailed monthly to the individual at your station responsible for submitting affidavits. If there are no discrepancies, that individual merely clicks "reply" and "send" and that's it.

Are makegoods required?

Yes, but for spots only--not the entire program.

What are the terms of the clearance agreement?

Contracts are for one year. The agreement is very affiliate-friendly. You may email a request for a blank copy.

Is there a cost to air the program?

No. The show is offered on a barter basis.

Can I sell local sponsorships?

Yes, and we'll do whatever we can to help. I'm happy to cut custom opens/closes for you, voice sponsor ad copy (time permitting), record custom promos with sponsor mentions, etc.

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