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This section of the web site is meant for radio stations interested in carrying the show. We're always looking for new affiliates and would be happy to talk with you about it. Groups are welcome!

First, you should know that market protection is provided to existing affiliates. Check with me to see whether a nearby station is already running the show.

The Farm Journal Report is a relatively new radio program though, except for the name, it's quite similar to one I've been doing since 1996.

Please take some time to read what some of the existing affiliates have to say about my work. And feel free to sample some current shows.

The programs are all first-run. Many are derived from Farm Journal magazine, which has been serving farm and ranch families since 1877. The name is familiar to your farm and ranch listeners. We also draw from the resources of the Farm Journal Media family of television, radio, print, online, and podcast products. The shows are naturally aimed at a farm and ranch audience, but I try to make them interesting to the nonfarm listener, as well.

Here are some other points to consider:

I grew up on a Minnesota farm raising turkeys, beef, small grains and hay. After getting my degree in broadcast journalism in 1979, I worked in radio news for nine years and earned a number of news reporting awards. I then became part-owner and general manager of a stand-alone AM station in Central Minnesota, later building a companion FM. And I've been in the radio syndication business--and a farm broadcaster--since 1996. With that experience, I feel I understand both agriculture and the radio business fairly well.

Again, I'll be glad to discuss details at your convenience. You can email me with questions or to have me call you. Thanks for your interest!


Darrell Anderson, Producer/Host

The Farm Journal Report

P.S. If you're in the market for weekend talk programming, check out another program we do called Doing What Works.

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